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13.10.2017: I will be giving a talk on transfer learning for NLP at Cambridge, UK and was invited by Alex Kendall.

12.10.2017: I will be giving a talk on transfer learning for NLP at The Alan Turing Institute and was invited by Pontus Stenetorp.

25.-27.09.2017: I will be attending the Google NLP Summit for junior researchers in Zurich.



07.-11.09.2017: I attended EMNLP 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark and presented a poster.

01.07.2017: My paper with Barbara Plank Learning to select data for transfer learning with Bayesian Optimization was accepted to EMNLP 2017.

31.05.2017: I gave a talk on transfer learning for NLP at the Natural Language Processing Copenhagen meetup.

April - June 2017: I was visiting the NLP group at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen and was hosted by Anders Søgaard.

03.03.2017: I gave a talk on transfer learning at Accenture, Dublin.

01.03.2017: I gave a talk on transfer learning at LinkedIn, Dublin.


05.-10.12.2016: I attended NIPS 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. Here are my highlights.

01.-05.11.2016: I attended EMNLP 2016 in Austin, Texas. Here are my highlights.

02.11.2016: We've announced funded PhD and Master's opportunities at AYLIEN.

09.09.2016: My paper Towards a continuous modeling of natural language domains has been accepted at the Uphill Battles in Language Processing workshop at EMNLP 2016.

11.-12.08.2016: I attended the RepL4NLP and RepEval workshops at ACL 2016.

29.07.2016: My paper A Hierarchical Model of Reviews for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis has been accepted to EMNLP 2016.

21.-28.07.2016: I attended the 6th Lisbon Machine Learning School. Here are my highlights.

July 2016: I started organizing the NLP Dublin meetup.

21.-24.03.2016: I attended the 2nd Summer School on Integrating Vision and Language with a focus on Deep Learning in Malta.

February 2016: Two papers accepted at the SemEval-2016 tasks 4, Twitter Sentiment Analysis and 5, Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis.

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